From an early age, Mike Feuer was inspired to stand up for the rights of others, pursue social justice and serve the public good—values that have made him one of our most transformational and effective leaders.

Mike’s father endured a Nazi prisoner of war camp and a war’s-end march across Austria that lesser men would not have survived. His mother grew up in a modest home in Boyle Heights, one day to awaken and find her Japanese-American neighbors suddenly forced into internment camps. At age 12, one grandmother escaped Cossacks ravaging her Eastern European village, never to see her family again. The other was well on her way to becoming a doctor, only to see her dreams crushed by discrimination.

Their struggles against injustice, and the powerful lessons they taught, deeply resonated with Mike. He worked his way through Harvard Law School, but rather than pursue a lucrative career, Mike chose to serve others. He led Bet Tzedek, The House of Justice, protecting the legal rights of more than 50,000 vulnerable Angelenos, particularly senior citizens and disabled people, who confronted the loss of their homes, their health care and more. One newspaper wrote Mike transformed Bet Tzedek into “a national success story.” Later, as a private lawyer, he volunteered more than a thousand hours and won the Education Advocacy Award for his role in the most significant lawsuit in a generation to challenge inequality in education.

Time and again Mike has fought for us and won. As L.A.’s City Attorney—and before that on the L.A. City Council, and in the California Legislature—he’s successfully taken on powerful interests, from the Trump Administration to the National Rifle Association to Wells Fargo, becoming a leader not only in Los Angeles but across the nation on standing up for fundamental rights, preventing gun violence and protecting consumers.

At the same time, Mike’s brought positive change to our neighborhoods, more than tripling his problem-solving Neighborhood Prosecutor Program, creating a remarkably successful Neighborhood Justice Program that turns offenders’ lives around, and making schools and neighborhoods safer. Before America was riveted on criminal justice reform, Mike was leading the way with his Community Justice Initiative, creating effective alternatives to incarceration that reduce crime. Mike’s office is the only City Attorney’s office ever to win the American Bar Association’s top national award for a public sector law firm.

He’s been tested by crises, and delivered. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Mike led his office to combat false and misleading claims regarding tests, preventions and cures, battle price gouging online and in stores, protect victims of domestic violence trapped with their abusers and take on hate incidents targeting the Asian-American community. Previously, with California plunged into the Great Recession, Mike brought strong and decisive action to the State Legislature, as an author of the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights and laws ensuring kids with pre-existing conditions could get health insurance, protecting the public from toxic chemicals, enabling same-day voter registration and providing lawyers to Californians suffering great hardship, among many others.

Mike’s career is defined by visionary, trustworthy leadership—solving tough problems and getting things done. He’s been married to his wife Gail for 37 years. They have two children.

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